Welcome to the Clip of the Day

I’m excited that you share our enthusiasm for perioperative ultrasound! As you may know, the Clip of the Day is an educational offering from the Division of Perioperative Echocardiography in the University of Utah’s Department of Anesthesiology. We believe in a “bolus plus infusion” approach to ultrasound training, and these clips are the infusions that accompany our weekly echo lectures. Online versions of our lectures can be found here: https://echo.anesthesia.med.utah.edu/ if you’d like to follow along. The lectures are designed for our residents and begin every January, so our clips follow the same course. We start with the basics of transthoracic and transesophageal imaging, so the clips at the start of the year are more straightforward. As we move through more complex topics the clips follow suit.
These emails, along with all of our educational content, is available to everyone, completely free of charge. It represents a significant effort on the part of our faculty but we believe that everyone should learn ultrasound, and that the best way to create a robust multidisciplinary ultrasound community is to share educational content whenever possible. You’ll be able to tell from the tone of the emails that they weren’t written by a robot, they’re written by an actual person (that’s me!) Sometimes the answers are shorter, sometimes they’re longer, sometimes I’ve been up all night working when I wrote the answer so it’s less coherent. Sometimes I’ll send two clips a day, sometimes I’ll forget to send a clip because I’m busy. My system isn’t perfect, but this is just supposed to be a fun way to get additional exposure to ultrasound images.

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